What we do

Isfol carries out research, surveys and TA activities in four core areas: 

Labour market and professions

  • Analysis of labour market dynamics, also focused on specific target groups and sectors.
  • Analysis of employment and career guidance services, industrial relations and social dialogue.

 Social Inclusion

  • Analysis of social inclusion policies, aimed at both general and specific target groups
  • Development and implementation of models for the assessment of poverty
  • Monitoring welfare services
  • Analysis of anti-discrimination and equal opportunities, particularly those relating to gender equality.

Vocational education and training

  • Analysis of VET systems and policies.
  • Programme and policy monitoring and impact evaluation.

 Skills analysis and forecasting

  • Occupation and skills needs forecasting.
  • Skills analysis, models for skills assessment and validation.
  • Assessment of adults competences (PIAAC). 





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